Smegma: The Body’s Natural Cheese

A block of cheese made from smegma! Just kidding, it's just cheese.

A block of cheese made from smegma! Just kidding, it's just cheese.

September 10, 2015 - If you have played Cards Against Humanity then you probably have seen the word smegma. A quick urban dictionary search during gameplay reveals that smegma is, “a foul cheese like buildup that comes from not washing or properly maintaining equipment”. It foulness makes it a perfect play for Cards Against Humanity, but what really is smegma?

Smegma is the combination of skin cells, oils, and moisture that collects around the foreskin and around the clitoris and labia areas. While found on both men and women, smegma is most notably problematic for uncircumcised men. It is commonly called the body’s natural cheese because the appearance of built up smegma tends to resemble the horderve. The key to getting rid of smegma is quite simple actually: wash well.

Washing well removes dead skin and smegma from your genitalia. Warm water and soap now and again will do the trick. Guys with foreskin: make sure to wash well under the foreskin to remove all hidden buildup.

If after you clean you still have issues, you should consider consulting a doctor as you may have an infection or other serious condition.

If you stay on top of your hygiene, you will be able to stay clear of smegma and the only time you will have to think about it is during your next Cards Against Humanity game.

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