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Pubic Hair: Shaving vs. Shaving for Men and Women

Not a fan of the “au naturel” look?  Well, there are quite a few options when it comes to grooming your genitalia. Both men and women are regularly removing hair in their under regions, and an astounding 87 percent of American women remove their pubic hair.

What are the best ways and what are the safest practices? In short, it comes down to personal preference, but there are some things to consider when it comes to taming your mane.

Precautions and Risks

  • If you are ever unsure or worried you might have an STI then consult a medical professional - an STD clinic, GP, dermatologist or gynecologist are all great places to start.

  • Both Waxing and Shaving increase your risk for skin infections.

  • Removing hair using both of these methods create small open lesions in the epidermis for bacteria to enter.

  • Ingrown hairs are common for both methods of hair removal.

  • Always be sure to wash the treated area with a very mild antibacterial soap after hair removal.

  • A cold towel can help with pore minimization or any irritation caused by hair follicle removal.

  • Avoid lotions and gels after hair removal, and make sure the area is clean and dry



Shaving is the most common method of hair removal. Shaving is also usually less expensive than waxing, however you do have to shave more often than waxing.


Tips for a good shave:

  • Make sure you’ve showered and cleaned the area you will be trimming

  • Shave in the direction that the hair is growing, this will minimize the risk for ingrown hairs

  • Use a disposable razor instead of using the same blade over and over, as some bacteria can grow on the same razor in the warm bathroom.

  • Shaving gel or cream can help with a clean shave. With that said, make sure you aren’t allergic or sensitive the the ingredients in your gel or cream.

  • Don’t share razors, they can transfer bacteria and cause infection.




Waxing is another alternative to shaving, however there are still risks for ingrown hairs and infections.  There is also a pain associated with waxing, but the good news is that more you do it the less it hurts and the hair takes longer to grow back since the entire hair follicle.  DIY Waxing can cost effective, but might be messy and awkward.  When in doubt, go to a trusted waxing technician (esthetician) to do the job, but make sure the salon is clean and follows hygiene codes. They can also help you decide how much to take off and what style you want.


Tips for Waxing

  • Make sure you’ve showered and cleaned the area you will be waxing

  • Dead skin and dirt can clog pores, causing a bumpy, red rash, so you’ll want to exfoliate the day before you’re going to wax

  • Your hair should be about one-quarter inch long, so you can pull out the roots

  • Make sure you only use fresh wax

  • A new applicator (wooden stick) should be used each time you put wax on the body

  • Disposable gloves should be worn for protection

  • If your skin is sensitive be sure to use a hypoallergenic and unscented wax

  • To reduce redness apply a chilled towel to the waxed area or apply a facial toner that contains chamomile



Trimming is another option that some males and females prefer.  The risk for ingrown hairs or infections decrease because you are not completely removing the hair follicle, and you generally cut yourself less, thereby reducing the entry of bacteria. But of course with this method your hair will be longer than shaving and waxing.  The best tools for grooming your nether parts are usually electric clippers or scissors.


Tips for Trimming

  • Make sure you've showered and cleaned the area you will be trimming

  • Be sure the tools you are using to trim are sanitary and cleaned after each use

  • Trim you hair when it’s dry (remember trim while dry and shave when wet)

  • Use a clipper guard if you are using an electric clipper

  • Proceed with caution in the genital region


Worried about an ingrown hair or red bump?

Have it checked by a skin doctor here

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