penis smell

Why Do Penis’s Smell Bad?

If you visit the beach in the summertime you’re bound to see some hunks styled in shorts and speedos, and a few babes rocking booty shorts and bikinis. If you’re in America, you probably won’t see people naked. That is because we as a society believe that our private parts should be kept private. This may be a relief for some parents, but it is actually one of the largest contributors to penis smell.

Heat and moisture that ensues under your garments combined with your bodies natural skin bacteria can quickly generate an odor. This process is amplified by the sweat glands in the male groin area causing a noticeable “penis smell”. If this is the case for you or someone you know, first: don’t worry! Odor is a perfectly normal part of the human body and can easily be controlled. Here are some hygiene tips to help with penis smell:


Wash well.

I can’t stress this enough. Washing well in the shower is the first step to fighting penis odor. Make sure to wash from your body to the tip, including your pubic hair. If you are uncircumcised, make sure to wash under the foreskin.

Dry Off.

Make sure to give your body enough time to dry before throwing on clothes. By doing this, you can reduce the moisture and thus reduce odor.


Cut Pubic Hair.

Pubic hair is a breeding ground for bacteria and sweat. Trimming and washing your public hair will help prevent odor.


Wear Breathable Clothes.

Make sure to wear proper clothes and materials such as cotton underwear. If you are performing physical activity, then make sure your clothing matches the activity level. No pants on beach days and no thermal pants in the summertime.


If after implementing these few tips you still notice a penis smell, consider consulting a doctor about the issue. Sometimes odor in your groin area is linked to STIs, infections, or even STDs.

Remember that it is normal to have some sort of penis smell! Maintaining basic hygiene will help control the odors that our bodies are so naturally inclined to secrete. If you continue having issues, consider having a discussion with your doctor. Everyone just wants the best for your penis.