Dental Dams

    Dental dams are a barrier method to place between the mouth and genitals to prevent STIs from bodily fluids. It’s so simple. A square piece of latex or polyurethane (a fancy word for plastic), you can make your own dental dam from the aforementioned condoms.


DIY Dental Dam

How to make three different dental dams? 

  1. Unroll a condom and cut off the round tip so that you have a tube that is open at both ends. Cut along one side to form a square. Voila.

    1. Pro-tip: flavored condoms may be a bit more fun and yummy.

  2. Get a latex or nitrile glove and cut off the three middle fingers. Then cut it open along the palm on one side. Now you have a dental dam with convenient finger grips!  

  3. Use plastic wrap from the kitchen. Cut out a square and use it as you would a dental dam.

    1. Must use non-microwaveable plastic wrap. Microwaveable plastic wrap has pores that STIs can pass through.