Opportunities at STD Triage

Our Vision

Getting to a doctor's office can take many hours, and wait times to see a specialist, such as a dermatologist, can take many weeks. Our aim is to connect you to a dermatologist so you can get an answer on your skin problem within 24 hours.

Our Story

STD Triage was developed by the team at iDoc24, a tele-dermatology company founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Dr. Alexander Börve in 2008. iDoc24 traditionally focused on general skin problems such as rashes, lesions, and the early detection of skin cancer. After a while, the team noticed that approximately 35% of cases coming in were of "intimate or embarrassing" skin problems, due to the fact the user is anonymous. The STD Triage app and website were developed for the sexual health segment and to be more easily discoverable.

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