Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your answer, we want to hear about it!

All responses to cases are provided by fully licensed and competent dermatologists (medical doctors who are skin specialists). Every doctor strives to give the best possible answer and relevant medical information based on the images and descriptive text they are given.

If you feel that the answer you’ve received is fundamentally lacking competency, relevance, or completeness, simply contact us and we will work with you to rectify the situation. Whether you expected more information or want your money back, we will work hard to make you happy.

Please note that the service DOES NOT provide a diagnosis and the doctor cannot give any sort of a prescription. The reason is that a full doctor-patient relationship and medical history must be present in order to give medical diagnoses and presciptions. We recommend you visit your physician’s office if you need a prescription or medical diagnosis.

If you are still interested in making a refund claim, you must:

1. You must email and site the following:

  • Your unique case number
  • Reason for refund request (ex: information not relevant, not enough information, etc).
  • Your PayPal Account

2. iDoc24 will review your claim and respond within 72 hours

3. Any refund will be made using PayPal. Unfortunately we refund any money onto your iTunes account, it must be done through PayPal.

4. Refund amount does not include payment platform fees (PayPal = 3.65%, iTunes = 30%, Google Play = 30%)

If you have any questions about this policy please contact

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