Tips for putting on a male condom. 

1. Check the expiration date before you open the condom


An expired condom is not very fresh. When being worn, it will be less effective in preventing pregnancy and STIs.  

Big no’s: If the condom looks brittle, sticky, or discolored, throw it away.


2. Pinch about a 1⁄2 inch at the tip of the condom before unrolling it, leaving room for ejaculate.

3. Make sure you are rolling the condom down the right way. Place the condom on your index finger.


You don’t want to have the condom already on the tip of the penis! What if you get pre-cum on it? Pre-cum can carry STIs and get someone pregnant! Roll down the condom on your finger and if it’s resisting, flip it around and roll it down on the other side.

Here's the whole thing put together




Now you are safe and ready to have sex. Remember, condoms are the only contraceptive that prevents against STIs AND pregnancy.

When to use a [traditional] condom to protect against STIs - skin-to-skin, bodily fluids:

1. Every time you have vaginal or anal intercourse.  

2. When giving oral sex on a penis, and dental dams or other barriers for oralvaginal and oral-anal sex.  

3. Use condoms on sex toys, especially if using them with more than one person or when going from one site of penetration to another