by Kira Hoffman The power associated with the fear of sexually transmitted infection lies in the fact that no particular class or location is safe from the dangers of unsafe sex. This is why STD prevention methods and awareness strategies are useful to sexually active individuals everywhere. North American’s can celebrate a new chapter of STD awareness through the launch of the smartphone-friendly application, STD Triage, created by iDoc24. The application does more than evaluate your dermatological concerns, it saves active people time, and in doing so, can help more people easily become aware of potential STDs, making sexual safety a priority. Among those who will benefit from the app are everyday individuals, including university students (of which North America has an abundance). On top of homework, grocery shopping, and finals, among other things, the risk of STDs potentially becomes an issue that many students deprioritize. Student, Hayley Bell, Director of Sexual Health Education for the Health and Wellness support service at Western University stated, “I think [it] could be part of the beginning of a new era of sexual health care that embraces the techno-culture we live in today… and the convenience and pseudo-anonymity might encourage more people to seek fast treatment of STI's, which is something I definitely want to see happen." The STD Triage app, powered by Swedish telemedicine company iDoc24, is inclusive; it can help both students, and everyday individuals. A preliminary check of a dermatological concern can be completed without disrupting busy work or school schedules. As well, with the current popularity of smartphones, the application is easily maneuvered. Potentially, STD Triage will not only aid in erasing the stigma associated with checking a dermatological problem area, it could also potentially save a variety of people time and money (for example, the tax dollars that go into booking unnecessary doctors appointments). Everyone benefits: individuals, friends, family, partners, and sexual health as a whole.