Who Reviews My Case?

STD Triage is powered by iDoc24 and only uses fully licensed dermatologists. There is no better source of medical information than a dermatologist as they are skin experts.

Do I need to visit a doctor?

The service provided by STD Triage does not substitute a doctor’s visit. Our doctors strive to give sound medical information, based on the images and text received. In many cases the dermatologist will recommend you to see a doctor face to face. If you are unsure or do not understand the medical information we have given you, you should visit a doctor for further information.

Am I Anonymous?

Yes. We do not collect or store any personal information, just the images and descriptive text that has been provided in each case. The information is stored on our private dedicated servers for 10 years.

What if I Have Other Skin Problems? Can you help?

You are not limited to only sending in cases related to the “intimate” parts of your body. If you have a skin problem elsewhere, for example on your hand, you can use STD Triage, or iDoc24.com to send in your images. The service is the same with STD Triage being branded mainly at intimate or embarrassing skin problems.

How Much Does it Cost?

Because your case is answered directly by a licensed dermatologist whose time is very valuable, you are required to pay a fee to reveal your answer.The fee to reveal the answer from the dermatologist is $39.99 per case. When using the iOS app, payment is made through your iTunes account. When using the web form, payment is made through PayPal.

How do I know this service is legitimate?

The iDoc24 technology behind STD Triage was originally developed by Dr. Alexander Börve to be used in hospitals in Sweden. It has been used in multiple clinical studies on skin cancer detection and tele-dermoscopy research. For more on the research you can visit the iDoc24 Scientific Background page. You can also see some sample answers by visiting the Sample Answers page.